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 FAR Community Events Calendar

We are excited to offer you access to the FAR Community Events calendar. This calendar will contain FAR events as well as Resource Member company events! Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

FAR offers two informational, CAE-CPE approved webinars a month – that’s more than 20/year!

Not a member? Join today! Nonprofit/association member dues are only $135/year! (At $25 a webinar, your dues will pay-off at webinar 7!) If you are from a firm that serves the association/nonprofit sector, email Heidi Ashley at hq@far-roundtable.org for membership details.

March 2021

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 2 PM EST

Championing Health Equity Within Your Organization

Nonprofit HR is hosting a special conversation about how employee health benefits, when viewed through a lens of equity, can positively impact employee recruitment and retention, and also employee productivity and engagement. While compensation equity remains a focal point for employers, turning to employee health benefits as a tool to tackle health equity also came to the forefront.

Join this conversation and hear:

  • Why leadership should care and champion health equity internally and among peers
  • How health equity impacts nonprofit organizations and why the social sector employers should attempt to exceed the health benefits status quos
  • Why quality affordable healthcare is critical to recruiting and retaining staff
  • How an organization’s approach to their employer-sponsored health insurance plan design can reflect and also impact its values and mission performance

Speakers:  Lisa Brown Alexander, CEO, Nonprofit HR & David Sloves, CEO, Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc.

Tuesday, March 23, 2020 - 2 PM EST

Follow the “New” Leader

Your visionary and well-respected CEO is retiring, an announcement that has divided staff! While some on your leadership team are ready for fresh perspectives a new leader will bring, others are voicing concerns that change will further impact the organization’s ability to succeed in an already unstable economy. Join this conversation and hear how to plan for and conduct an executive search in the midst of cultural breakdowns.

Gain clarity on how a well-planned executive search should:

  • Help reset an organization’s culture in preparation of a new leader
  • Help identify and communicate key challenges as high-priority leadership needs
  • Translate major concerns into discussion points with executive candidates
  • Create a communication strategy that manages the expectations of the executive search timeline, process, and core issues new leader will immediately address

Moderator: Myra T. Briggs, Managing Director, Impact Search Advisors

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