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    October 2021

    Paul Preziotti


    Johnson Lambert LLP


Our records show you’ve been a member since 2011! Thank you! Why do you value being a member of FAR?

FAR was one of the first communities I participated in as a professional. I've made a lot of lasting friendships and professional relationships through FAR. I also value the educational and information-sharing aspects of FAR - it is a terrific resource for the nonprofit community. I've always looked forward to the monthly luncheons and eagerly await the return of those at an appropriate time.

What is your favorite movie?

I LOVE movies so this is a tough question to answer for me. I'll give you two - Godfather 2 and Point Break.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Golf, travel, snowboarding, movies and live music.

What services does your firm provide that can help FAR nonprofit members?

We provide audit, tax and consulting solutions to nonprofit organizations, employee benefit plans and insurance companies.

What lesson have you learned from the pandemic that you are implementing moving forward and would like to share?

The importance of flexibility in the workplace. Flexibility is no longer a benefit, it is expected and you need it in order to retain talented employees.

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