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     Les Irby, CFP®, AIF®

    Vice President, Financial Advisor

    Rembert Pendleton Jackson



Our records show you’ve been a member since 2010! Thank you! Why do you value being a member of FAR?

FAR has the unique attributes of being large enough to include a very diverse set of non-profit organizations and resource members and, at the same time, small enough to allow anyone to get to know individuals, their work, and sometimes even a bit about their family and interests. It is certainly a professional networking organization that fosters an open exchange on many topics, but it is also a place to truly make friends

What is your favorite movie?

The Shawshank Redemption is a quite entertaining story with a few twists that provides a bit of suspense, a bit of levity, and an ending that is much more satisfying that one might have expected!

I also recently read a book about the making of the movie Chinatown and took the time to re-watch that film from a different perspective. Two Jakes, the sequel, was also a good look at Jack Nicholson early in his career.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I have several things I enjoy doing, including my job, and it is hard to pick just one as my favorite.

Golf is frustrating but fun. I enjoy working in the yard as long as the weeds don’t grow too fast. Traveling to see family, friends and new places is always enjoyable, but the last year has been a real challenge! A habit developed over many years is a jog in the morning several days a week. The early morning is a great way to see the neighborhoods, anywhere in the world, all quiet and peaceful. There is also the handball court to get some vigorous competition with the dwindling number of people that still play that game. I think I’ll stop here!

What services does your firm provide that can help FAR nonprofit members?

We are fiduciary investment advisors, putting our clients best interest first at all times. For the non-profit community, we help develop reserve policy documents and investment policy statements. We also provide investment advisory and implementation services to build investment portfolios that follow these guidelines in support of the stated mission and purpose of the organization. We are always available to simply talk about your needs to see if we can offer any suggestions or answer questions.

What lesson have you learned from the pandemic that you are implementing moving forward and would like to share?

We now know we can keep in touch and communicate quite effectively without being in the same room with other people. However, listening without being distracted by what is going on around your own virtual office setup is vitally important. Listening when you can’t see someone’s face, or see their demeanor, or have background noise/interruptions is a challenge in today’s environment that is quite different than conducting meetings in a conference room with a closed door. I hope improved listening skills translate into a habit when in-person meetings resume more consistently.

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